How to insulate your water pipes

By HHr Staff ~ Colbyt

This article will show you how to insulate your water pipes in a crawl space or other area that is likely to freeze. The steps are fairly simple if you purchase the right materials. On a difficulty scale of 1-10 for DIY projects this would rate some where in the 1-2 scale.

This article is currently incomplete as I wanted to post the pictures for a fellow member in the (aka Google groups) newsgroup.

This photo show a short section of the foam insulation with a more or less accurate cut to form a 90 degree bend. Note the extra scraps. They are there because I failed to cut in right the first time.

This photo shows the insulation folded into the 90 degree bend.

Note that small wedges of the removed insulation can be packed into any small voids to complete the process. Wrap all such joints with duct or electrical tape as they will always have a tendency to spring open if you don't.

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