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06-12-2013     in  Lawn and Garden
Should You Use Pesticides on Your Lawn
You will need to learn and understand the risks and benefits for yourself. Then knowing the dangers of pesticides, you can decide if you should use pesticides on your lawn........Read More

03-26-2013     in  Lawn and Garden
Sheet composting -- making black gold in your backyard
This article is not about composting your sheets; hopefully you wash them before they get to that stage. If you are reading it you must have already heard about the value of compost. Just in case y.......Read More

03-19-2013     in  Lawn and Garden
Lawn Maintenance for Your Property
In addition to your desire for a beautiful home and property keeping up the lawn maintenance for your property is a requirement in many neighborhoods, especially if you have an HOA (home owner’s ass.......Read More

03-03-2013     in  This-n-That
Eliminate turntable floor vibrations with garbage
I'm finally retired and it is Now or Never for finally converting all those albums to digital format. Some of those albums are 44 years old and just cannot be purchased as CD's at any .......Read More

02-28-2013     in  Lawn and Garden
Three Reasons why I use a lawn care company
I know for sure that spring is just around the corner because the lawn care company came and performed my first lawn treatment of 2013. The fact that they showed up and.......Read More

02-14-2013     in  Plaster
Adding can lights to a plaster and lath ceiling
Recessed light or can lights remain a popular option for new home and remodel construction. The logistics of adding them to a home with plaster and lath construction has always presented major proble.......Read More

02-10-2013     in  Framing
How Roofs are Framed
If you have read our other articles in this section you know that your roof may be held up by conventional stick framing, the traditional method using 2X lumber, or by trusses. Either way the framing .......Read More

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