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Promotional Fee Policy

Promotional Consideration and Referral Fee Policy

Many websites who link to other sites within their content receive referral fees or commissions if you visit or buy a product after using the link.

Many websites also offer promotional postings within their content for pay or other considerations.

Many websites receive promotional products or other consideration for writing a review.

We do NONE of the above!
This website and I personally, including all family members do not accept any referral fees, promotional consideration or gifts of any kind for articles or products mentioned on this website.

We do this to make it clear that our opinions are sincere and the material we present is of the highest possible quality. So you can be assured that if we mention a specific product or resource within an article we are not being paid for the plug.

We have future plans for a product review section. All of the items tested and reviewed either were or will be purchased on the open market. No promotional considerations of any kind were or will be accepted. In the unlikely event that we ever accept a promotional product for review it will be clearly stated within the body of the article.

This website does contain some clearly defined paid advertising.