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Interior painting is almost always one of the first DIY projects that a new homeowner undertakes. The investment in tools and materials is minimal while the results of a properly completed project can be amazing. The look and feel of a home can be completely changed with a well executed interior paint job.

In most cases interior painting is not a project that has to meet a strict deadline. The project can be completed in a few hours each evening over a period of time as long as the proper procedures are followed.

Exterior painting requires a few more skills and tools but is still within the ability of almost all DIY people. A tasteful, well prepared, and executed exterior paint job can add significant curb appeal and even value to your home. Proper maintenance of exterior painted surfaces can help you avoid costly repair or replacement cost for exterior components. Exterior painting does need to be done during daylight hours so if you need to do it in the evenings it needs to be a summer project.

Whether painting inside or outside the single most important step is always in the preparation. About 70 percent of a finished paint job is preparation, 10 percent is cleanup, and 20 percent is the actual time spent painting.

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