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Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring Part Two

This article is a continuation of Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring Part One which we also suggest you read. The article just grew way to big.

- Garden
Early spring is the time to rejuvenate that yard. Get rid of trees and shrubs that died over the winter. Fertilize and trim as necessary. Clear any remaining leaves and add them to the compost pile or the lawn recycle bin. Work that's done now will pay big dividends later in the year.

If you do your own lawn care early spring is the best time to make sure the mower still starts and runs like it should. If you can't do your own repairs, the repair shops will be less busy early on than they will be when all the late comers figure out their mowers don't work.

- Exterior Paint
Take a quick tour of the outside of your home. Chances are the winter climate has taken its toll and there will be places where the paint has weathered. Why not take the time now to repaint and get your home ready for summer? Caution: Prior to 1978 lead paint was widely used on home exteriors. If you have an older home, you might need to have it checked to see if it has lead paint. Do not attempt removal yourself. Scraping, sanding, or burning will only release lead paint into the atmosphere. Use a professional lead abatement service to remediate all lead based paint.

- Pool and Spa Motors
If you have a pool and/or a spa, check the motors to be sure they are in good working condition. Some older motors need to be oiled; most new ones are permanently sealed. Any squealing or grinding noise suggests the motor is about to crash and needs repair or replacement.

Also, check your pool/spa filter. Now would be an excellent time to clean or replace it. In some pools/spas this can be a monthly chore, but in others once or twice a year will do.

You might want to handle these duties yourself. Or a good pool service will do it all for you. If you bring a bad motor into many pool supply stores, they will handle the repairing (or replacement) of it.

- Spiders and other Insects
Usually insects blossom along with the flowers in the spring. You can always call the pest control person. But if you don't like toxic (certainly to insects and perhaps to humans) sprays put around your home, you can take other steps.

Spiders require webs to survive, and most of these are found in the corners where walls and ceiling come together. Simply using a dust mop with a long handle to get rid of spider webs can be an effective way of keeping these pests out of your home.

Check your screens or doors and windows. These, too, can be very effective in keeping insects from setting up housekeeping in your home.

If ants are a problem, consider using one of the less toxic sprays around the exterior of your home. Ants live in the ground outside the home and then go inside to nibble on your food and water. Simply attack their trails and you can usually get rid of them.

Of course, if you have a serious problem, say rodents in the attic or bees in the walls, you will want to call in a professional exterminator. However, checking out your home at least once a year and enacting preventive measures will help to keep pests under control.

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