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Guide to Interior Painting Styles

A Brief Guide to Interior Painting Styles
By: HHR Staff ~ Colbyt

Painting the interior of your home can go a long way towards revitalizing its look and making your home feel like a brand new place. Sure, traditional painting methods work just fine and will certainly do the trick, but before you commit to that why not take a look at some other options that may help you achieve the look you want without paying too much. I'd like to offer you a few interior painting alternatives that can help spice up your new paint job without adding a lot of extra time or money to the project.

Traditional painting involves picking a color or two and then going home with a roller to get started. However, have you ever noticed the textured looks that they use on home decorating TV shows? Believe it or not, they are very easy to accomplish with very little extra effort. One easy way to do this is to mix some sand into your paint, stir it up, and start painting as normal. I know it may sound crazy, but it is a fairly common technique. You just need to make sure you stir the paint frequently, as the sand tends to settle at the bottom.

Another simple way to add texture to your interior paint job is by using a sponge after you've painted a wall. Make sure you've got a special sponge sold at the home stores and then start pressing it to the wet paint. You'll immediately see the impact and will wonder why you never used this method before.

Another common technique to simulate texture is to use two colors of paint on a wall with a base dark coat followed up by a lighter coat. You can use a roller as normal, but rather than cover every inch of the wall, put a very light coat down to show the contrast between the dark and light paint. This is also called "faux" painting and is also very commonly practiced.

Lastly, you can use a stencil or hand drawn art to spice up your walls. Although it is more time intensive than the other methods, it also gives a very unique touch that is difficult to achieve elsewhere. Stencils are very cheap and easy to obtain and you simply paint in the area designated. If you are a good artist, then you should look online for some patterns you may be able to draw on your own. Either way, this alternative will give you a look that all of your friends and neighbors will ask about.

Spice up the inside of your home with some textured painting or stenciling techniques and I guarantee you that every visitor to your home will ask you how you did it. If it happens like it normally does, their jaw will drop when you tell them that you did it on your own. It is always good for a laugh an if nothing else will give your home a look that everyone is jealous of.

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