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Exterior Painting-What Not to Do

By: HHR Staff ~ Colbyt

Painting the outside of your home can be a monumental task. You will need ladders, tons of paint, plenty of brushes, and a lot of time. It takes so much more time and equipment to do it on your own that you might wonder why you didn't hire someone to do it. Still, if you are prepared and have done your research, then there is no reason why you should pay 2-3 times more to have someone do it for you. To help you, I've outlined a list of some to things not to do when painting your home exterior.

Do not try and rush the job by prepping poorly. All too often homeowners ignore the important parts of prepping your home for an exterior paint job, such as sanding the old surface, covering up sidewalks and flowerbeds, and either taping or protecting areas you don't want to get paint on, such as windows. Imagine the horror of having been done with the painting only to find out that the paint didn't stick or you spilled paint all over your new concrete patio. Make sure this doesn't happen by taking the time necessary to prepare your home.

Do not forget to check the weather before you go outside. As you know, it is pretty important to make sure you are not painting in the rain, before the rain, or in freezing temperatures. Rain can kill a project, especially if it ruins all of your paint. Also, make sure the temperature is warm enough for paint to dry and cold enough so that it doesn't blister. Find a day where the weather is mild so that you can be sure the paint adheres and dries properly.

Don't buy cheap paint, that is unless you want to do this every year. The extra expense you may incur when buying premium paint is much worth the extra time you will save.

Do not forget to buy enough paint, brushes, or the right size ladder/s. Seriously, having to go back and forth to the home store all day will knock the wind out of your sails in a hurry. Make sure you've got enough equipment before you get started and make sure your ladder is big and sturdy enough to suit you. Don't be the guy that has a ladder collapse when he's painting the 2nd floor.

Last but not least, do not start painting without testing your colors first. Many times, a paint that looks great in the store doesn't look so well when applied to your wall under different lighting conditions. Take the time to test the paint, let it dry, and look at it from a distance to make sure it matches and looks good. Don't be the guy that paints his house pink and doesn't realize it until the end!

Really, painting the exterior of your home is an easy task if you take the time to get prepared and ready for the job. Simply taping , covering, and protecting areas that you don't want to get damaged is a very important step. You can always buy another tarp, but you can't easily buy another patio. With that being said, take your time and enjoy the new look!

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