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Cooking at Home

As a first impression a cooking topic on a DIY home repair website might seem a little strange. However, I ask you to reconsider that opinion as real cooking is an ultimate DIY project.

Cooking as defined here is not defrosting and nuking a prepared entree. In most cases that is more tasty and better for you than a stop at the fast food joint but it is not cooking.

Learning to cook food you like from basic ingredients helps protect you from disruptions in the food supply chain. As many of us learned during the Covid-19 crises disruptions and shortages can occur. You may not wish to regularly bake your own bread but knowing how to do it might save you from not having any when the local stores have no stock. Knowing how to do it with no yeast will be later topic.

couple cooking

Subscribing to or buying prepackaged portions from a meal delivery service does count as real cooking, as most of them simply provide you with the basic ingredients in reduced quantities. The meal kit services whether ordered online or from a local grocery can allow you to experience real cooking with little to no waste.The meal delivery services also provide detailed instructions which in most cases are easier to follow than a simple recipe.

Our focus in this category will be on food prepared from scratch using shelf, canned, refrigerator, or freezer stable foods. We will sometimes shock the food police by using canned ingredients for some items. Canned goods get a bad rap that they don't deserve. They are shelf stable for long periods of time. Our supply sure came in handy during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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