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This section of the site is a grab bag of articles that don't seem to fit any other existing category. It is where I will post the articles where I have an ideal or two for a neat article or two but has no intention of writing a whole series on the subject.

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Concrete Math, the first article in this section is just such an article. I am strictly a beginner DIY person when it comes to concrete. While I have observed some "pro jobs" and done a good bit of reading I will never be a concrete master.

From time to time if enough articles are written on a particular subject articles might be moved from here to a category specific section. In the event that you followed a link and the article is not here then look at the category list for the topic of your search.

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Eliminate turntable floor vibrations with garbage    03-03-2013
I'm finally retired and it is Now or Never for finally converting all those albums to digital format. Some of......

Concrete Math    12-10-2012
A friend of mine just called me ask how many cubic inches of concrete is a bag of concrete mix. So you can say he inspired t......