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Home Maintenance

If you are an experienced homeowner you will already know about many of the chores that are in these articles;Woman wearing a tool beltbut it is our hope that by mentioning them here we may be able to save the new homeowner the sad experience of a minor neglected maintenance item turning into a major expense in the future. Quite often a few dollars or minutes spent on routine and regular home maintenance can save thousands of dollars down the road.

Let's face it, you home is always under attack from creatures, insects and the weather and some minor maintenance is required on a regular periodic basis. Often it is only a matter of checking X to make sure Y hasn’t happened.

Many of our articles in the dedicated categories go into some detail about the subject under discussion. Many other times articles become a compilation of suggestions that may cross into different areas or fields.

That is what this category is all about, a place to post a wide range of topics sometimes dealing with more than one general field; all of which are geared more towards the minor preventive maintenance aspect of home repair. The type of things that just about any homeowner can do with just a few basic tools and a minimum to moderate effort.

The first few articles will discuss routine home maintenance that should occur at least once per year. Later we plan to add some 'tips' articles.

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