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Framing in a house refers to the skeleton of the house; the walls around the perimeter and the interior walls whether they are support walls or just partition walls.

While it is not our purpose to show you how to build an entire house, you do need to know how the parts are assembled in order to safely do some of the projects you may choose to do. So we will start with a hole in the ground and continue to the roof. The first 4-5 articles will be dedicated to showing you how you house is made and then we will add articles for things you might want to change.

A home under construction

As we doubt many DIY people are going to build an entire house from scratch on their very first project, our articles will concentrate on things the average homeowner may wish to tackle; projects that can be done with just basic tools, a little skill, and an attention to details.

Throughout this section and for most of the site when we introduce what we think may be a new term for you we will try to define it for you the first time we use it.

Before relying on any article you read here or anywhere else check your local building codes, as they vary widely across the US. What might be fine here may not be approved in your locality. Some thing mentioned or illustrated here may no longer be code approved even here.

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