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The magical little can that replaces 4 pantry items

I imagine you find that a boastful statement but it is true. Greatly increase your pantry space by stocking this item. This little can of magic replaces: tomato sauce, tomato juice, tomato puree and tomato soup and we will show you how.

image of a can of tomato paste

Tomato Juice from Tomato Paste
Have you very read the small print on the label of a can of tomato juice? From concentrate is what it says. So eliminate the middle men and the inflated shipping costs. Make you own from concentrate.
1 can tomato paste
4 cans of water

I usually only buy the small 6 ounce size but you may use any size can you like. The paste is very concentrated and a small spatula aides in getting it out the can. I usually like to mix it in a measuring cup with at least one can of water before adding the mixture to the remainder of any water to be used.

Depending on the brand you buy the juice will be unsalted or contain only a trace amount of salt. I like to add both salt and pepper before chilling the juice for drinking. For cooking it is ready to use right now. You can doctor it with hot sauce or any spice you like. A 1/2 tsp. of sugar will counteract the citric acid.

1 can of paste makes 30 ounces of juice at about 1/3 the cost and 1/10th the storage space of a can of tomato juice.

Tomato Puree from Tomato Paste
Tomato puree is just tomato paste that is not reduced as much. So to make tomato puree:
1 can tomato paste
1/2 can of water
Salt and pepper to taste

Tomato Sauce from Tomato Paste
Tomato sauce is just a thinner version of tomato puree, usually with a few additions to the basic sauce. These additions may vary from brand to brand.
1 can tomato paste
2 cans of water

Most brands have citric acid as a preservative. It is not required for immediate use. For everyday cooking I add nothing and just increase my salt and pepper in the recipe very slightly but you may add whatever additional ingredients you desire.
Salt and pepper to taste
Onion and/or garlic power
A tiny bit of vinegar if you want that zip

Tomato Soup from paste
Make this once and try it. You will never buy the canned concoctions' again. There is no flour, corn starch, artificial thickeners or High Fructose corn syrup in this recipe. I like it slightly thicker than most people, naturally thick not artificial so I use the 4 and 4 below. You may prefer the 6 and 6 or even more of liquids.
1 6 ounce) can tomato paste
4-6 ounces milk ( 1 paste can = 6 ounces)
4-6 ounce of water
1/2 scant tsp. salt ( or to taste)
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/2 - 1 tsp regular white sugar (don't omit all, use some)*
* The sugar counteracts the citric acid (used as a preservative)

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