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Landscape Design Considerations

Choosing landscaping designs to appeal to you and your neighbors may not be as easy as it looks. Being creative is one thing, but applying those skills to intriguing lawns can be quite a task. So how do you go about creating something unique using plants, grass, mulch, and anything else to do with landscaping? You could hire a professional landscaper who knows what he is doing and go along with his ideas, but designing your lawn on your own can really help you grasp true ownership. Here are some types of landscaping designs you might be interested in trying.

Front Yard Driveway Designs
If your front yard is very visible to the road, you can decorate your yard in any attractive way. One thing to consider is where your driveway is and if you want to incorporate it into your yard. Designs you could do that include your driveway are to make it curvy, lay it with bricks, or add some light colored rocks alongside it to catch the water runoff. If you want to conceal your driveway, you could plant large green plants alongside it. You could also blend it into the lawn by doing some tight edging and using a dark pavement. If you want a large portion of your yard to attract visitors, you can always add a light colored or brick paved drive in front of your house which wraps around and goes back to the main drive. Placing a water fountain or interesting focal point in the center will add some curb appeal to your driveway and home.

Back Yard Designs
This area involves creating spacial attraction that meets the eye. You must first consider how the area will be used. Will you have lots of social gatherings, or will it be your place of somber and relaxation? Things you might want to include in your back yard designs are a patio area with table and chairs for small gatherings and an outdoor fireplace for evening social time. If you really enjoy entertaining others, consider a swimming pool area if you have the space. Landscapes around pools bring out a great look to your home. Just make sure you can invest in the maintenance of the pool. If you are more calm natured, perhaps a garden pond will add a peaceful relaxing area. Again, maintenance will be a key role in keeping the garden pond in good condition.

Lighting Designs
Add some jazz to your lawn for the night look. Placing lights strategically around your lawn and patio area can enhance your landscape appeal. It also provides safety for visibility and prevention of break-ins. Place lights along pathways, around swimming pools, in gardens or beddings, along your house, or even in trees. There are many options for lighting. Solar lights and low voltage lights are highly popular.

Develop a Master Plan
What I said in the article, A Yard for the Entire Family is worth repeating here. The real secret to a successful project is to develop a plan of action before you do any actual work. That does not mean that you have to define every feature, shrub or bush. It simply means that you know what areas will be planted, what areas will have features and what areas, and what areas will remain as lawn

These types of landscaping design considerations are basic, but if you are creating them yourself, it is best to keep it simple. Hiring a professional landscaper to create your landscaping designs will require lots of money both upfront and in long term care. Evaluate what you are willing to spend in money and time before making a huge investment. Until then, these ideas should help you get started on creating your very own landscape design.

But if you don't have a clue where to start the money and time spent with a landscape planner may be your best first investment. Never be afraid to call in a pro when you are in the deep end of the pool.

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