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Installing Drapes Wood Pole with Rings Part 1

This is part 1 of 2 of Installing Drapes Wood Pole with Rings .

The directions if any that come with most wood poles and rings say some really insightful like install the rod at the proper height to give yourself the floor clearance you desire.

Duh. Yeah. How about telling me how to figure that out; I hope to do exactly that in this article. I can't give you tables of information because there are just way too many styles and manufacturers out there all doing things just a little bit differently. However certain relationships between the fabric, rings and brackets are common to all of the ones I have seen to date. With some brands it can vary just a little from lot to lot so I get a lot of practice using this method. That is also why I am not going to offer any measurements. I am going to show you how to get those measuments.

To the list of tools suggested in the article Tools-for-Installing-Window-Treatments.html we need to add a small tri-square.

The over-whelming majority of decorators will agree when I say that the perfect relationship between the top of drapery panel and the bottom of the wood ring is just touching. In most cases that means that the top of the pins needs to be somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2" below the top edge of the drapery. 3/8" is good average. In a special situation or by customer desire there can be a 1/4" of air space between the two or the panels can ride up and cover as much as an inch of the rings. Those are exceptions, not the norm.

This method works with either style of bracket shown in part 2 and can be modified to work with any bracket using a concealed mounting plate. Get your rod, a bracket, a ring, your pencil and the tri-square or any flat object with 2 straight sides that meet at a 90 degree angle. While holding the rod and bracket in the same relationship as it will be installed, place a ring on the outside of the bracket with the pin hook pointed down. Scribe a small mark on the side of the bracket in a straight line towards the wall part of the bracket. This establishes where the top of the drapery is going to be in a relationship to the bracket.

This picture should clarify the above paragraph in your mind. The bracket is white and brown, the rod is black and ring is a gold tone.

image of drapes on a wood rod with rings

In part 2 we will discuss the different style brackets and what you do with the small mark you just made.

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