Our goal in this section is to show you how to repair plaster surfaces using drywall materials and compounds. Methods you can use with minimal skills and on the job learning; not something that takes half a lifetime to learn, as would be the case if you were restoring it with the original materials.

Plaster is one of the most durable interior wall surfaces you will ever encounter. Unless you have moisture penetration or other physical damage plaster walls are good for at least 50 years and quite often far longer.

In time though plaster, especially plaster over wood lath may fail; moisture inside the walls will greatly accelerate the process. When that happens your options are to repair or replace it.

Some times the best course of action is to strip the walls of plaster and lath, insulate them and restore with drywall.

I have a series of at least seven articles planned for this section. I am posting two of them to introduce the topic and will add more as I finish writing them.

Adding can lights to a plaster and lath ceiling
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Hanging pictures and stuff on plaster walls
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Repairing Plaster Nicks Dings and Pops
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Repairing Peeling Plaster Top Coat
One of the plaster failures that sometimes occurs is where the hard coat, also know as the top coat, the white layer pops loose from the otherwise sound layer of the substrate, the mortar like coat. ......Read More

Repairing Plaster Substrate
When the plaster substrate fails the plaster may fall off the wall or ceiling leaving exposed wood lath. You have several choices in how to repair this.......Read More

Replacing Plaster with Drywall
If you have a large area that has failed it is often easier and faster to replace the failed portion with drywall. A 3/8" section of drywall applied over stripped lath will quite often mate flush wit......Read More

Introduction to Plaster Wall Construction
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Repairing Plaster Cracks
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