Home Finances

Picture of a house made from $100 bills.

We are introducing a new category of articles, Home Finances. At first look it might appear to be out of place and not even belong on a DIY home repair site. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A very significant part of buying, owning keeping and eventually paying for a home involves home finances.

If you are unable to work smart with the money you have your chances of success are very small. And it is DIY because no one is going to take better care of your wallet or pocketbook than you are. If you think the banks, bankers, and friendly home equity loan pushers have your best interests at heart you may want to think again.

Don't get me wrong, very few of us would ever own a home if we did not borrow money at some point in time. Borrow wisely, spend wisely and enjoy the joys of home ownership.

This section will also include legal and insurance matters related to home ownership as both of those can seriously affect your finances.

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