Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most sought after remodeling projects. Nothing can add more value to your home then a well done project in these two areas. Conversely, nothing other than serious mechanical or structural problem will diminish the value of your home more than an outdated or inferior bathroom or kitchen.

The vast majority of our articles are a lot more down to earth than the picture of the luxury bath below would indicate. Here in this section you will find articles related to improving your bathroom. Not all of which cost a lot of money.

Picture of luxury bath

There are quite a few one to three day projects that most DIY people can do that will add lasting comfort and value to your bathroom.

A total renovation done all at one time of the only bathroom in a one bath home can be quite a challenge if you are living in the house at the same time while a well planned series of smaller projects can accomplish the same goal over a period of time.

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Replacing a Toilet Part Three
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